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Portage is a service which supports pre-school children who have additional needs, or whose development is delayed. It is a home visiting educational service designed to help parents teach their children important skills through a programme of activities suggested by their Portage Worker.


Lincoln and surrounding areas are served by a team of Portage Early Years SEND Practitioners who are coordinated by Sue Shorthouse. If you want to know more, or would like to contact the team, please use the menu at the bottom of this page.


The team...

Sue Shorthouse

Portage Co-Ordinator


07789 075631

Liam Miller

Portage Early Years SEND Practitioners


07930 139425 


The National Portage Association was established in 1983 to offer support and information to parents and professionals involved in Portage and has been at the forefront of developments in support to young children and their families since then.


The Association became a charitable company in 2001 with a Board of Trustees, elected from amongst the members to manage its business, monitor standards of training and service delivery and oversee research and developments.


The Association aims to:

  • work with families to help them develop a quality of life and experience for themselves and their young children in which they can learn together,
  • play together, participate and be included in their community in their own right
  • play a part in minimising the disabling barriers that confront the young children and families receiving Portage services
  • support the national and local development of inclusive services for children


Largely funded by member's subscriptions and donations, the N.P.A. operates throughout the UK covering the six regions: Eastern, London and South East, Midlands, Northern, North East and South West including Wales and Overseas. Activities and study days in each region are coordinated by an elected Regional Representative who is available to offer advice and support to new Portage services and individual members and to help with the planning of social and publicity events.


The Association is founded on the following values and principles:

  • Every child and every family should be valued for their individuality as diversity brings strength to us all.
  • Inclusion and participation of every individual in our community is a right that should be supported and nurtured.
  • Parents play the key role in supporting their young child’s development.
  • Families have the right to make informed choices and decisions for themselves about things that are important to them now and in the future, whilst remaining the child’s first ally.
  • All children have the right to enjoy the widest range of play experiences, as these are the foundation of learning and development.
  • Early childhood is the foundation on which children build the rest of their lives: it is not just a preparation for the next stage – it is vitally important in itself.
  • Everyday contacts, relationships and activities are fundamental in nurturing development, quality of life and experience.
  • Services for families are most useful when they support everyday living and are delivered within the child’s natural environment.
  • All children are able to learn. Building on abilities and strengths, rather than focusing on difficulties, best supports their progress.

In this section...

Portage hold 2 training courses

(30 min talk for SENCO and Portage Basic Workshop) 

Lincoln Portage Service operates an open system. Children can be referred by family members, or by agencies .

Hopefully your questions will be covered below, but if not please get in touch.


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