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Would my child be eligible for Portage home visiting?

The child should have difficulties in two or more areas of development


What happens on a home visit?

  1. Home visits have three elements;
  2. learning through play
  3. structured teaching activities, as appropriate to the child's development
  4. support for parents/carers through given information, and discussing ways of achieving success


How often will the home visit take place?

Fortnightly or weekly, as agreed with the Portage Worker during the first visit. 


How long is a home visit?

Approximately one hour long.


How long is a course of home visits?

This is flexible and will be discussed with the Portage Worker.


What happens when Portage finishes?

This is entirely a matter of parental/carer's choice, but support and advice are always avaliable from Portage Service. 


How does Portage fit in with all the other visiting services?

Portage works in partnership with the other services. There is consultation between all agencies in order to achieve success for the child and their family. 

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Portage hold 2 training courses

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Lincoln Portage Service operates an open system. Children can be referred by family members, or by agencies .

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