Wellbeing Garden

In February 2019, 2PCT and 3JE decided to take part in the Lincolnshire Show School’s Challenge Competition. We looked at the options and chose number 8: My Community, My Commitment - A Happy Healthy School. The reason that we chose this topic was because in our school mental health and positive wellbeing is very important to all of us. Our staff and children work hard to support each other and ensure that we are all in the best place we can be. After lots of discussion, we realised that everyone would benefit from having a dedicated space where we could go to sit, relax and enjoy a sensory experience. We chose to revamp the Jubilee Garden and from there, the exciting journey to develop our Wellbeing Garden began.



After creating a questionnaire to ensure we consulted the rest of the school, it became obvious that colour was an important feature that needed to be included in the garden. We investigated colour schemes and combinations until a suggestion was made about the possibility of somehow including the colours of the rainbow in the garden. Our classes stood in the garden, looked around and then agreed that the panels of the band stand would be the perfect part of the garden to use as our focal point for rainbow colours. It naturally followed that we chose plants to match each panel so the rainbow colours travelled into the surrounding garden.


The Work

When we began this project, we were prepared to work hard in the garden so that our vision would be realised. All of the children in 2PCT and 3JE rolled up their sleeves and approached each task with enthusiasm and a huge amount of motivation. With every job we did, the garden started to emerge in front of our eyes. We weeded, cleared the paths, painted the band stand, benches, herb planter and then eventually planted a selection of beautiful flowers and seeds. The classes also worked with Miss Emily to create some beautiful sensory panels for children to explore and enjoy. When we finished, we stood back and looked around, absorbing the feeling of being in the new garden. The children were bursting with pride at the fact they had worked together for months and the end result is now a beautiful space to be enjoyed by every member of our school community.


Lincolnshire Show 2019

On Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th June 2PCT and 3JE went to the Lincolnshire Show to present our work. The children were amazing at speaking to the judges and the general public about each step in our journey. They referred to pictures and pieces of work with confidence and answered questions with authority. Each member of the accompanying staff stood back and allowed the children to take centre stage – every one of them were fantastic representatives of the school.



We could not have completed the garden to such a high standard without the support of a lot of local companies. These included:

  • The Lindum Group donated £150 in response to an email enquiry from Mrs Temple which we used to purchase plants for the garden.
  • Mrs Adkins, who donated £220 after a letter from the children bidding for money. This was used to buy materials for a living chair in the garden and artificial grass to go into the bandstand as a sensory element for the children.
  • Sansbury’s donated some plants and seeds as well as pledging some hours to our school to help support us with future growing projects to keep our garden beautiful.
  • Our parents attended a coffee morning in the school that was organised by 2PCT and 3JE. This event resulted in us raising £363.58 all of which was used to buy paint supplies, flowers and beautiful ornamental features for the garden.