Post Looked After Grant

2019-2020 objectives and impact...

Objective Success Criteria Cost
Lead Impact
To provide targeted support for students previously in care Recruited and trained wellbeing lead will identify and support students previously in care through general welfare check ins as well as targeted intervention £13, 477 HR The majority of post looked after students were provided with time with wellbeing lead to support with up and coming issues. All students had good attendance and made good progress. Due to Covid this work was ceased in March however virtual support was provided.
To provide educational psychology and play therapy support for identified students Teachers have a better understanding on how to support a child with pathological demand avoidance.

Identified students are provided with play based therapy to support their emotional wellbeing.

HR Identified teachers took part in an action research project looking at the impact of pathological demand avoidance and how to support a child through challenges.

Identified student’s accessed therapy which helped them to self-regulate and remain in school.
To purchase ICT hardware that support and targets student intervention Teachers have access to a range of hard ware packages that allow them to deliver intervention. £12,928 HR Twinkle, Jigsaw and wigit go were purchased to ensure that staff were able to provide specific resources during their intervention programs, this became even more useful during covid when virtual learning took place.
To provide targeted tuition for identified students Kip McGarth £870 HR 4 students accessed specific bought in tuition to help close the gap in their skill deficit. All 4 students showed significant improvement in the identified areas. Due to covid no formal measure could be made.


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