Sports Grant

2018/19 Allocation and Priorities...

This academic year we have been allocated £7,634 with an additional carry forward from last year. This has allowed us to prioritise the following developments. 


  1.  Provide students with the opportunity to access swimming lessons throughout the year.
  2.  Develop resources in the playground so that students are more physically active in their play. 
  3.  Develop students opportunities to access external coaches for netball and football.
  4.  Develop our PE resources so that all students are able to participate and develop their coordination, balance and physical health.

Swimming Competency...

The focus in our school is develop our students confidence and proficiency given that most of our students have high anxiety around water. We focus on strokes that keep them safe rather than developing a range of strokes. We currently do not have any students who are at the stage to progress onto self rescue techniques in the water, however we work with parents to encourage them to expose their children to swimming lessons out of school.


2017/18 Allocation and Outcomes...

3a. To develop students skills in swimming
3b. To develop a wider range of activities for students to participate at lunch time
3c. To develop outdoor resources for students to improve physical wellbeing.

Objective Cost
Purchase Outcomes
3a. To develop students skills in swimming £1025


Hub swimming
NK swimming

Life guard training and resources
Most students across the school have accessed a 6 week swimming program developing physical wellbeing as well as improved confidence in the water. A number of ARC/SLD students have also had regular opportunities to access swimming which impacts on physical development and provides a sensory opportunity that the students all enjoy.

We are fortunate to use our own lifeguards as this means they know the students and can support if they are uncertain. This training is renewed regularly.
3b. To develop a wider range of activities for students to participate in within the classroom and lunch time clubs £266


£ 700

Remote control cars

Lunch time resources

Netball club
Students accessed a wide range of lunch time clubs led by staff including broadening their experiences and providing opportunities for socialising and developing key social skills.

Imps in the community every Monday and Wednesday afternoon in the summer term providing expertise coaching.
To develop resources for students to improve their physical wellbeing £260


Sports bags

Rebound training for staff

EYFS outdoor 8-1 resource
An increase the range of sports equipment available for staff to use to improve the quality of PE lessons.

Staff have been trained in delivering rebound therapy which has been rolled out to a wide range of students as part of their provision or Intervention.

An improvement in the outdoor play for EYFS students, developing key play activities including fine and gross motor skills.