Journalist Team

Mrs Adkins is looking for students (Middle or Upper School) who can join the school journalist team. The team will take photos and interview people who are building our new school as well as other important school events.

Application Process

1. Read through the different jobs available and decide which one you would like to apply for.

2. Complete an application form.

3. Post your application into Mrs Adkins post box in an envelope.

4. If you are invited to interview you will receive a letter from Mrs Adkins.

5. If you are successful then you will receive a letter confirming your position on the journalist team.


The Job Role

2 reporters: these people will interview people.

2 photographers: these people will take photos and videos.

1 editor: will write about what the reporter finds out.

1 sub editor: will write about the photos and videos.

2 news reporters: will present the school news.



To be part of the team you need the following qualities;

  • organised
  • hard working 
  • sensible
  • work well in a team