Early Years Foundation Stage

The key principles of several lower school complex autism classes is to provide a continuous provision based on building routines and modelling whilst also providing our enhanced provision to stimulate curiosity and encourage child initiated play.


Our group is small and focused on developing communication, independence, individual timetables and meeting the individual communication and cognition needs of our children. As well as concentrating on the Prime Areas Communication & Language, Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Physical



Children access a rich learning environment where opportunities and conditions allow them to flourish in all aspects of their development. This includes weekly Rebound, Sensory and Soft Play sessions within school. We use termly topics that relate to the interests of the current cohort: using their interests to find

motivators and opportunities to widen skills and encourage development.



Assessment System...

Each student is measured using the Development Matters, Ages and Stages documentation, this is uploaded into a spreadsheet and analysed and reported to parents. In addition each student age 5 also has an Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP). These results are also shared with the local authority when



For those students who are at a very early level of school activities, engagement scales are being used to track progress.


Moderation and standardisation takes place internally and externally. Each child also has Personal Learning Intentions (PLI’s) which link to specific areas of development from their EHCP.


Using an online learning journal we regularly add observations and photographs for parents to see. These link to Development Matters and is a tracking tool used to measure the progress of our children. The summative assessment is updated termly and is used to provide children with next steps and inform the

class teacher’s weekly plans.