• Develop English and Maths skills and the application of these skills into other subject areas.
  • Develop problem solving skills.
  • Develop life skills to develop independence into adulthood.
  • Develop self-management skills, resilience and emotional literacy.
  • Develop good learning habits and independent skills including organisation and time keeping skills.
  • Develop social skills and the ability to work in pairs, small groups and teams.
  • Develop employability skills and an understanding of the world of work.
  • Develop skills in keeping themselves safe personally and socially.
  • Develop their confidence to interact within a diverse and multicultural society.

Program of Study...

  • English (KS1 – KS4)
  • Maths (KS1 – KS4)
  • Science (KS3 – KS4)
  • Humanities (KS3)
  • PSHCE (KS1- KS4)
  • RSE (KS1 – KS4)
  • RE (KS2 – KS4)
  • Employability (KS3 – KS4)
  • Travel training (KS4)
  • PE (KS1 – KS4)
  • Enrichment (KS1 – KS4)
  • Life skills (KS2- KS4)
  • ICT ( KS2 - KS4)