• Develop early communication skills.
  • Develop and increase attention to a range of experiences and activities.
  • Develop participation and active engagement in activities
  • Develop purposeful responses to stimuli, understanding cause and effect, demonstrating basic problem solving and reasoning.
  • Develop self-care and functional skills including toileting, eating, dressing, hygiene routines.
  • Develop fine and gross motor skills.
  • Develop strategies to manage transitions within the class, the school, and the local community.

Program of Study...

  • Communication (EYFS – KS5)
  • Cognition (EYFS – KS5)
  • Care and independence (EYFS – KS5)
  • My body (EYFS – KS5)
  • Me and my community (EYFS – KS5)
  • Attention Autism (EYFS – KS5)