Semi Formal


  • Develop communication skills
  • Develop independence and problem solving skills
  • Develop life skills including toilet and hygiene routines, eating and shopping.
  • Developing new movements, exploring and tasting foods.
  • Develop skills in recognizing own and others emotions and developing coping strategies for self-regulation.
  • Develop social elements of play, supporting imaginative and spontaneous playful behaviour.
  • Develop different methods of exploration including multi-cultural societies and the natural world.
  • Develop cause and effect.

Program of Study...

  • Communication (EYFS – KS5)
  • Thinking skills and Problem-solving (EYFS – KS5)
  • Independence (EYFS – KS5)
  • Physical Well-being (EYFS – KS5)
  • Play and Leisure (EYFS – KS5)
  • World Around Me (EYFS – KS5)
  • Citizenship (EYFS – KS5)
  • ICT and Social Media (EYFS – KS5)
  • Attention Autism (EYFS – KS5)
  • *EYFS follow the EYFS curriculum