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From the 1st June some of our students are going to be returning to school. It is really important to prepare your child for this, and to reassure them. For a while school is going to be a little different to how they remember it, and giving advance notice and reassurance can really help prepare them. How you do this will be individual for each child depending on their level of understanding and ability to cope. Here are some visual resources and social stories that may be helpful for you to use to explain things to your child.


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Welcome to Lincoln St Christopher's School

Part of The Federation of The St Francis Special School Lincoln and The Lincoln St Christopher’s School

Across the Federation we cater for pupils between the ages of 2 to 19 with wide ranging special educational needs including physical and medical needs, Autistic Spectrum Disorders and social communication difficulties and severe and profound learning difficulties.


Both schools enjoy excellent facilities and provide high quality, individualised provision for all pupils by working closely with other professionals.


The over-riding aim of our Federation is to provide an inclusive education in the most real sense; preparing young people to take a confident and active place in society, who are well prepared to meet the challenges of adult life, including the world of work, continuing education and independent living and the world of day care provision for those where further education is not the most appropriate next step after leaving school.


We are very proud of the Federation and are always pleased to welcome visitors. Whether you are a prospective parent and child, a colleague from another school or profession or a member of the local community please telephone either school and we will be happy to show you around.


We hope that you can find all of the information you need on our websites – if not, please do not hesitate to contact either St Francis School or St Christopher’s School with your query where Administrative Staff and Senior Staff of each site are available to talk to you.


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Who are we...

Leadership Team...

Head teacher - Kyna Adkins

Assistant Head - Helen Reed

Assistant Head - Niall McCordick

Student Wellbeing Team...

Semi Formal / Pre Formal Wellbeing - Jess Keay

Formal / Core Formal Wellbeing - Holly Strachan