We pride ourselves on having a curriculum that exceeds the national curriculum offer. We recognise that for our pupils the curriculum is essential to ensure that pupils make great progress that is tailored to their needs and interests.


As a school we have four main curriculum pathways Formal, Semi formal, Informal and Pre formal. Each pathway is ambitious and adapted to meet the needs of the pupils in each class. Our curriculum policy below provides detail on what we mean by each pathway. Each pathway has its own detailed handbook which is also available within this curriculum page.


Our school has four separate phases: Primary, Middle, Upper and Post 16. Within these phases, pupils will be grouped based on their need rather than their age. Very occasionally we have pupils who excel in a particular subject and on these occasions, we adapt their timetable to allow them to access a subject/s in a different phase.


Our pupils often have communication and language deficits which is why everything we do have a communication and problem-solving focus. We aim for all our pupils to leave us ready to access the world to the best of their ability.


Living as independently as possible is a key impact measure for our pupils which is why preparing for adult and independence is a strong theme across our curriculum.


Due to the vulnerable nature of our pupil's, we have a robust curriculum that helps our pupils to create and maintain healthy relationships and to recognise and respond to potentially unhealthy relationships. Staying safe online and in the community is equally important within our curriculum.


We believe that being able to take in new knowledge, store and retrieve the information and apply it to known and unknown situations is a complex skill and therefore we use a purpose-built skill builder provision map so that skills are maintained and generalised over time and through their educational journey and beyond.


Occasionally we have pupils who find it difficult to engage in classroom-based learning, we have a alternative curriculum known as BASSE (Bespoke, academic, social, and sensory education). These pupils have a bespoke timetable that helps them to learn key self-regulation skills in a highly motivating personalised provision. This includes on-site and off-site activities which are run by our alternative provision leader. The over riding aim for this curriculum is for pupils to fully reintegrate back into classroom-based learning with their peers.


We constantly adapt and review our curriculum, as our cohort of pupils continues to change year on year, and are proud to offer such a flexible provision for our pupils.


Please find our Curriculum Policy here.