Work Experience

In Years 11 to 14, all students are given the opportunity to complete Work Experience in the way that best suits theirs individual needs. We have built close links with local Lincolnshire businesses as well as providing internal Work Experience opportunities. 


The advantage of work experience is that it gives students the chance to explore the world of work, gain independence and build resilience in real life situations. The work experience coordinator or class teacher will visit the students in their work placement to provide encouragement and to review their progress. This is a great opportunity for some of our students who have been travel trained to use these skills to transport themselves to their work placement.


Some examples of placements this year are: 




Work experience has such an immeasurable  impact on our young people that it can be quite difficult to quantify the holistic effect that it has. I hope some of the below feedback from our young people goes some way to showing how valuable an experience this can be,


Vocational Profiles

We are in the process of beginning to use a vocational profile with our pupils from Year 9 upwards, to help us map out best Work Experience destinations. 


Our young people work towards individual and targeted outcomes while on placement and they complete their work experience booklets to evidence their progress, achievements and areas to improve upon.


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