Semi Formal Pathway

Here at St Christophers school we know that learning is a life long journey, and that is why we aim to prepare our students for life not just in the school community but also beyond, in the wider community. It is our aim to provide our students with the skills and knowledge that they need to live fruitful independent lives.  


We follow the principles of the EQUALS semiformal curriculum, and in addition we have also developed our own skill builders curriculum which offers each student on the pathway the opportunity to build their knowledge through skill based learning. We offer personalised learning to each student and each student has their own set of bespoke learning objectives. 


Our semi Formal curriculum places great importance on our students learning life skills. We foster independence and encourage our students to learn skills that they will use throughout their lives. Communication, independence and problem solving are the key skills that our students learn. We also offer functional English and maths. Our students practice these skills in the wider community, this helps them to have a greater understanding of what it is to live within a community. We ensure that as our students progress through the school they build on their existing knowledge but are also provided with new learning experiences that are relevant to their lives. 


We are also committed to developing the emotional lives of our students. Our healthy body and minds curriculum provides our students with opportunities to develop their emotional wellness as well as their physical wellness. Students are encouraged to be creative through art and dance and music.