SMSC and British Values

We teach our pupils about right and wrong through purposeful learning around making a good choice. We encourage democracy within school through our student voice groups and wider engagement with pupils.  We celebrate different faiths and cultures through our curriculum and in direct learning experiences in school and within our community. We celebrate what is means to be British through our SMSC curriculum.


Pupils have worked together to create value characters. These characters all have some aspect of journey to their design in line with our belief that we all need extra tools and skills to help us on our journey. These characters form the basis of our school rewards with pupils able to earn nominations if they successfully display a school value. Pupils receive Head teacher postcards home in the post or a School value certificate. In addition pupils can receive a value tag to hang up on our celebration wall in reception.


In each classroom the characters are displayed to remind pupils of the importance of being a good person and making the right choices. We also ensure that in our staff code of conduct policy, all staff are expected to model these values when working with pupils, parents and other staff.


 Please see the SMSC & British Values Policy here or talk to your child’s class teacher for further information