Post 16


Our Post 16 provision has been designed to better develop our students in an engaging and meaningful educational learning environment. This will help them transition onto further education, a form of employment or adult life whether be this supported or independent. We focus on the skills the young person already possesses and strive to help nurture, develop, and inspire them to improve further, to be the best version of themselves.


A vitality important part of our curriculum focuses on keeping our students safe and teaching them, using appropriate strategies, how to form positive and appropriate relationships, which will help them to flourish further as young adults.


We put a large emphasis within the curriculum on the development of their personal independence, which will in turn best prepare them for adulthood, raise their self-esteem and help them to become active members of their local community. Work Experience where appropriate, has a significant impact on a young person’s self-esteem, softer skill set, and development of confidence. This is something we offer both internally and externally. Work Experience placements can be over a longer or short term, this depends on each individual student needs. We try to offer a minimum of one placement per academic year.


As well as a strong focus on students’ development of their independence, we aim to further increase your young person’s academic working level in their Functional Literacy and Numeracy. Depending on their individual need, this could result in further examinations being sat and qualifications being gained.