Careers / Next Steps

Whole School Employability Curriculum Offer

We aim to ensure Careers Education and Guidance is accorded a high priority in preparing students in each of our pathways for the opportunities, responsibilities and challenges of adulthood and/or working life. At St. Christopher’s we cater for pupils with a diverse range of needs and abilities. We promote equality of opportunity and put the needs of all learners above all considerations. 


Middle School

In Middle School, students will avail of the following opportunities as part of the first steps of their Careers pathway. This will allow students to have a comfortable initial experience of the world of work before moving to Upper School (KS4).  


Formal Pathway

For students in the Formal Pathway the thought of a career may appear to be a long way off. However, the focus of the Careers Co-ordinators and the staff team is to ensure that the development of skills needed later in life begins as soon as possible. Students will have opportunities to explore lots of different tasks in engaging ways so that when the time comes to think about the World of Work, they are more confident in their abilities to succeed.  


Semi Formal Pathway

The Careers Co-ordinators work closely with the teaching staff for the semi-formal pathway to facilitate appropriate opportunities for the students as they take part in their first Careers roles. The need for positivity and enjoyment underpins every aspect of the tasks carried out by those taking part in Careers Week.   

Upper School (KS4)

In Upper School (KS4), students complete an ASDAN qualification in Personal Development and Employability. This course provides the theory behind the world of work and allows students to explore the wide range of employment options. Students also have numerous opportunities to visit post 16 education providers such as Lincoln College on a regular basis. In addition, they are encouraged to take up opportunities within school that can provide evidence for their ASDAN portfolio such as mentoring younger students, some of our year 11 students have begun doing this every Friday afternoon.


External agencies and guest speakers are invited in to explain their organisation and the many career opportunities within these for example the Co- Op and NHS. In addition the school host an annual careers day with a wide range of education providers, organisations and employers who meet with parents and students to provide information, advice and guidance.


We have developed close links with Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and National Citizenship Service (NCS) who run workshops and projects with and for our students in both Middle and Upper School to help them with work related skills.



Formal Pathway

St. Christopher’s School aims to provide a high-quality Careers Education and Guidance programme to students where appropriate opportunities will allow for preparation of all students to make those important decisions that ‘influence their future education, careers and role in the world of work.’ 


Semi Formal Pathway

Where pupils do not have the cognitive ability to make these decisions, we will act as advocates for the young person and work with key stakeholders such as parents to ensure transitions are smooth, learning geared towards this is relevant and has value for that pupil. 


Please see the Careers & Work Experience Policy here or see your child’s class teacher for more details.