St Christopher’s aims to meet the target of 96.2% which is the national average. We can only do this if parents support us fully and if we all understand the importance of NOT taking term time holidays or absences from school. 


Termly Attendance Data

  2022 - 2023 2023 - 2024
Autumn 94.84% 92% 
Spring 92.54%  
Summer 92.90%  


In line with our attendance policy we aim to inform parents/carers at the earliest point of concern to help address any underlying reasons for poor absence. We use a colour coded system that helps to track and monitor concerns.


We send a universal letter at the beginning of the year reminding parents/carers of the importance of good attendance.


We set the same expectations as the national expectations for pupil attendance which are below;

  • 96 - 100% Well done
  • 91 - 95% Risk of underachievement
  • 85 - 90% Serious risk of underachievement
  • Below 85% serious cause for concern and underachievement


Where an initial concern has been identified through wellbeing team analysis, we will send home a letter according to the below issue:

  • Good attendance 
  • Irregular attendance with no pattern
  • Significant absence which could be a block absence and/or irregular absence
  • Suspected/confirmed holiday during term time
  • Significant absence due to an identified medical need
  • Persistent absence that is not due to an identified medical need


If no improvement is made and there is no justifiable reason for absence, we would then work through our attendance process which could lead to a Fixed penalty notice. We also liaise with the pupil’s SEND caseworker to raise the concern around non-attendance.


Where there is an identified root cause such as Emotional Based School Avoidance, we would work through the Attend framework to support the pupil back to school.


Alternatively, if the challenges relate to other root causes such as medical needs, we will look to put a bespoke package together to help ensure that learning is not lost, this could include remote learning or home learning.