Informal Pathway

Here at St Christopher's we know that learning is a life long journey that can take many paths. Our informal curriculum recognises the specific learning needs of students on our pathway and we understand that our students learn in many different ways. We celebrate the achievements of our students and we provide them with experiences that will grow their knowledge and skills.


Our curriculum focuses on communication and interaction, cognition and learning, social and emotional wellbeing , physical and sensory wellbeing and independence. Our class teams understand the students specific needs and learning styles and they aim to provide lessons that stretch and challenge our students through exploration and play. We support our students learning by encouraging them to be independent and make choices in their own lives. In this way our students make connections and become more secure in their environment.


We follow the principles of the EQUALS informal curriculum, and in addition we have also developed our own skill builders curriculum which offers each student on the pathway the opportunity to build their knowledge through experiential learning. We know that our students learn through repetition, but we also ensure that they have lots of variation and opportunities to practice new skills. Each student has their own set of bespoke learning objectives.


Students on the informal pathway learn through sensory experiences, we have sensory spaces within the school that our students benefit from, and we also spend lots of time learning outside the classroom. Inside the classroom lots of sensory learning takes place and we explore tastes, sounds and textures. We share sensory stories too. Each classroom is set up to meet the individual leaners needs while still offering the opportunities to come together as a group.