Home Learning

St Christopher’s School believe that Home Learning is important because: 

  • It gives pupils time to consolidate what they have learnt in the week
  • Develops their independent skills and organisational skills
  • Develops good learning habits for when they are older
  • Provides parents with more of an insight into the work their son/daughter is doing in school
  • It encourages pupils to value and celebrate their learning.
  • Most pupils are keen to do home learning and to be rewarded for their efforts 

Many parents of St Christopher's pupils support home learning, although St Christopher’s School does recognise that for some pupils the idea of doing schoolwork at home can either cause anxiety or in some cases conflict. If this is the case, the school is happy to work with parents to agree what is best for their child. 


Homework is set differently according to the pathway or area of school, for example, Formal learners in Middle school follow a bronze/silver/gold approach, giving pupils/parents options of reading only or reading with English and/or maths homework. St Christopher's School recognise the importance of reading and how extra practice at home is essential, so this is reflected in the homework set.