If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below.

The school welcomes any parent who wishes to know more about the school and encourages visits of prospective pupils and their parents. The visiting parents will meet the Headteacher or a Senior Member of Staff and possibly a prospective class teacher. Discussion will be informal and a tour of the building will be offered.


Although the school offers introductory visits on the above basis, parents are advised that the admission of children with EHCP's or currently being assessed for an EHCP will have to go through a consult process which is led by the Local Authority who has statutory responsibility for arranging their provision. 


There are admissions criteria for each special school in Lincolnshire that are applied in order to determine if a particular special school would be a suitable placement.


Admissions and referrals are dealt with by the Area Education Office (Special Educational Needs Department) in consultation with the school. Admissions are subject to assessment recommendations of the statementing procedure under the terms of the 1981 Education Act.


Under the Code of Practice which came into from March 2013 parents of a child who has a Statement of Special Educational Needs are entitled to express a preference for any school, mainstream or special, which is in the maintained (state) sector. St Christopher’s School is such a school and providing that the following conditions are met the LA must comply with the parental preferences.


The conditions are:


1. that the school placement will be able to meet the child's needs;


2. that the placement will be compatible with the efficient education of the other children already in the school and


3. that the placement represents an efficient use of the LA's resources.


The right of parents to have their preference accepted is not reliant on where they live. Parents who do not live within the Lincolnshire County boundary may still express a preference for St Christopher’s School when asked by their LA for their view on an appropriate school to meet their child's needs.


If the Local Authority decides that one or more of the three conditions set out above are not met by the parental preference they may name an alternative school. When this happens parents should be fully consulted and involved in detailed discussions. If parents are not satisfied with the Statement of Special Educational Needs, including the school which the LA has named, they have the right of appeal to a Tribunal whose decision


The named officer in the relevant Area Education Office explains the arrangements for admission to parents and carers as part of the statutory assessment process or as part of any school transition process but further advice is available directly from the 


School’s Admissions Team

Tel: 01522 782030 (open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday)  



Special Needs Services Group

Tel: 01522 553332


Parent Partnership Service

Tel: 01522 553351


You can also find and download our admissions policy here.