Family Liaison Officer

Updated to show information for academic year 2017/2018

My name is Serena Webster and I am the Family Liaison Officer at St Christopher’s School. My role is primarily to support the families of our school.


My role as Parent Liaison Worker is to forge strong links between school and home and to develop a good parent partnership by supporting activities that encourage parents into the school. I work under the direction of the Head Teacher, in partnership with other professionals, to offer practical help and emotional support to pupils and families experiencing problems or concerns with parenting, education, behaviour, attendance and health.


Outside agencies are a big part of the role, I work with CAMHS, School Nursing Team, Counselling Services, Early Intervention Teams to name a few so you can be sure to get the right information and help needed.


I am also responsible for holding TAC (Team around the Child) meetings at St Christopher’s School. I also represent the school at CIN (Child in Need) meetings, and possibly Core Groups Meetings. 


I also support children and their families who receive Pupil Premium, and I am involved in working with the LAC (Looked After Children) in school and attending regular educational meetings to make sure they are achieving.


I am happy to assist you with any enquiries and concerns you have, and am available at school from Monday until Friday. You can contact me on the main school number - 01522 528378  or email me at school - or follow the link on the website.


I look forward to meeting you soon

Serena Webster