Home Learning

As a school we recognise that we need to have a clear and consistent home learning policy. I have recently consulted with teachers who have provided feedback on what they feel is an appropriate policy whilst recognising the different ages and needs of different students.


We believe that Home Learning is important because:

  • It gives pupils time to consolidate what they have learnt in the week
  • Develops their independent skills and organisational skills
  • Develops good learning habits for when they are older
  • Provides parents with more of an insight into the work their son/daughter is doing in school
  • It encourages pupils to value and celebrate their learning.
  • The majority of pupils are keen to do home learning and to be rewarded for their efforts

Home Reading...

We have recently invested £4000 in a new home reading scheme which is banded so that the students are guided to books that they can access and that will challenge them. This is in conjunction with a new whole school library which was developed this year.



We also subscribe to Sumdog which is an online home learning tool which provides engaging, adaptive English and Maths activities that students can access at home. Teachers can set the amount of time, the number of questions, the specific skills being covered and the deadline. Pupils can access Sumdog and play the Maths and English games whenever they choose. Should specific home learning be set by the teacher a stop watch will appear blocking access to the games until the home learning has been completed. The program is intuitive and will adapt for each child depending on the level of ability so that the games target any areas of development helping the pupil to achieve their potential. The system marks the work and provides a report for the teacher which shows who has completed the learning and also states which areas the students got right or wrong. We are in the process of resending out logins so that parents have access.


Suggested Home Learning...

We are recommending the following for Home learning however would appreciate your feedback before we confirm our policy:


Lower school home learning per week:

  • 10 minutes of reading 3 times a week (using the home reading scheme) which will be recording in home reading diary
  • 1 piece of 20 minute learning (alternating each week between literacy and numeracy)

Middle school home learning per week:

  • 1 piece of 20 minute English
  • 1 piece of 20 minute Maths
  • 10 minutes of reading 3 times a week (using the home readings scheme or in some case free reading) which will be recording in home reading diary

Upper school home learning per week:

  • 1 piece of 30 minute English
  • 1 piece of 30 minutes Maths
  • Reading (this will be different depending on the student). It can either be reading to adults at home or independent reading, both of which can be logged in home reading diary.

To provide parents with clarity about what is being given each week we will be buying home learning books so that the pupils/teachers can write in what the homework is and when it is due to be handed in.


We do recognise that for some students the idea of doing school work at home can either cause anxiety or in some cases conflict and should this be the case we are very happy to work with those parents to agree what is best for their son/daughter.